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Homework #11: Free mesh and map mesh the object below. Apply a 1kN bearing load in each of the holes pointed downwards. You should use the function: -sin(th) for your load. The flat surface (50x200 mm) is welded to a rigid wall. 1. Explain why you feel the mesh is reasonable. 2. Verify that the total force applied is 2x1kN. Use the check sum command and take a snapshot of the output.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Determine the von Mises Stresses and the deformation. What are the critical locations and what are the von Mises stresses at those locations. 4. Perform hand calculations to verify your results. 5. Print the reaction force file and verify static equilibrium. Material: E = 70Gpa, υ = 0.28, all units in figure are in mm. cl 100 50 r25 d30 20 20 40 200...
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