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HW: Tube with internal pressure A 10 mm inner diameter steel tube carries carries liquid at 7MPa. Determine the principal stresses in the wall if its thickness is 5mm. Solve this problem using finite element analysis. In modeling the tube, you should use symmetry boundary conditions. Only 1/8 th of the actual cylinder should be meshed and analyzed. You should apply a total load of 1N. In the post processor create a new results showing the output for 7MPa. Report all output for 7MPa. In the write-up, describe: 1. The mesh. What elements did you use? What order? What material, which properties? Include a figure of the mesh. 2. The boundary conditions. Where did you apply them? What degree-of-freedom did you constrain and why? Discuss symmetry conditions. 3. Load application. What type of load did you apply? What magnitude? What direction? Where? How? Did you create new results in the post processor?
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Unformatted text preview: Why? Explain why this is OK. 4. The results. What are the principal stresses? What direction? What magnitude? How do the stresses vary in the cylinder? 5. Create a reaction force file. Determine the total reaction force. Compare this value to the force applied? Is there static equilibrium? Why/why not? 6. What are the maximum deformations in the radial direction? 7. Compare the radial and tangential stresses to hand calculations. If you have not yet taken Machine Design, you should be able to find the appropriate equations on the web, by asking a class mate, or by asking the instructor. Make sure to include figures of: 1. The mesh 2. The boundary conditions 3. The load 4. The stress result for at least one of the principal stresses. One figure may combine more than one of the above....
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