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lab1 - 6 Plotting 1 In I-DEAS go to File Picture files...

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Lab #1: 1. Covered the areas of the I-DEAS screen. -a triangle in the bottom right-hand corner allows for more options 2. The mouse buttons are for the following: Left – selecting a task, starting and ending a geometry double clicking selects an item Center – acts as the “enter” key Right – click on background to bring up menus Brings up Navigator, and Filter, and Deselect All 3. Creating a full header – go to Options, preferences, display, full header 4. Dynamic Viewing - F1 & mouse: pans the picture - F2 & mouse: zoom in or out - F3 & mouse: mouse in center of screen- rotates around 2 axis mouse in corner of screen- rotates around 3 rd axis(out of screen) 5. “control z” brings back part to last save point
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Plotting: 1. In I-DEAS- go to File, Picture files, Refresh screen; then go to File, Plot, pick file 2. ImageMagic- go to Carnot background, right click and open a new terminal, type in display, click on grab and enter a time delay (ex. 1 sec), and left click on workbench, name the file with xxx.jpg 7. Picking an item 1. pre-selecting: perform several commands 2. post-selecting: only allow 1 command 3. shift key: pick more than 1 item 8. Dynamic Navigator-select end, mid, and other specific points 9. Map Network Drive (in Windows)-go to explorer, go to tools-map network drive, type “ \\carnot\(your user id) ” then enter your password...
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