lab5 - dimension values- displays dimensions in tabular...

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Lab #5 1. Library a. First name your part b. Put part away in bin c. From manage bins icon, check part in as one of four options -keep to modify - can make modifications -keep as copy- as if you copied the part out of a library -keep for reference- not able to modify -do not keep - part is no longer in bin 2. History Tree a. select history tree icon b. select part c. image like so appears d. (a)can search for specific feature or rename a feature then select green circle icon d. (b)the red cross diagnose's errors e. triangle expands out feature additions (i.e. surface deletions) f. circle with line, separates feature g. modify - get options with that show dimensions- displays dimensions of parts feature parameters- returns to surface create menu (protusion, cutout….)
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Unformatted text preview: dimension values- displays dimensions in tabular form quick wireframe- returns to original 2-D drawing of part (change cross-section) multiple draft- add draft angles to surfaces g. delete- can delete a feature from the history treee h. suppress- suppress a feature (handy for FEM) i. unsuppress- brings suppressed features back j. rollback - will allow you to insert features in the history tree (see next page) Rollback: allows you to go back and insert a feature. After using the history tree, always remember to update. You might need to update twice. Figure 1: these icons are for viewing the history tree window Figure 2: can see how part was built, also can select rollback (icon above wireframe)...
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lab5 - dimension values- displays dimensions in tabular...

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