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Lab #6 1. Create a FEM model by select the create FEM model icon 2. Free Meshing- the computer will perform the mesh automatically a. select the "free mesh" icon b. select the part to perform the mesh on c. select free mesh d. make sure element type is on tetrahedral e. select material f. preview the mesh g. make changes to element length if necessary 3. Anchor Nodes- used to place a node at a specific point a. before free meshing, select the "anchor node" icon (pull down menu of surface mesh) b. select the vertex, edge, or surface to place the anchor node 4. Free Locals- used to control the size of the elements around a certain area. a. before free meshing, select the "free locals" icon (pull down menu of surface mesh)
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Unformatted text preview: b. select a surface, vertex, or edge to place free local on. c. Input the element size for that point d. The free mesh will grow accommodate for changing element sizes 5. Partitioning - used to break up a part to allow for easier meshing such as to have different element sizes a. Go back to "Master Modeler" b. Draw a line to partition with c. Select the "extrude" icon d. Right click and select partition e. Finish the partition f. OR do a,b,and c then make the line into a new part (make it a plane) g. Select the partition icon (pull down menu of cut) h. Select the partitioning piece, then the piece to partition...
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