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lab8 - Lab#8 1 Creating Boundary Conditions(in boundary...

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Lab #8 1. Creating Boundary Conditions (in boundary conditions task) a. set boundary conditions icon (lower left) b. click on restraint set c. highlight the load set(s) - can have more than one load set 2. Creating Solution Set (in model solution task) a. set create solution set icon (top left) b. set linear statics c. change your output options (i.e. reaction forces, ….) to store d. select the correct boundary conditions set e. select OK f. goto the solve icon to solve FE problem 3. Analyzing the results (Reference Above) Display Results- this will display the results with the color scale after choosing the display icon Deformation Results- this forms the part according to the displacement or reaction forces. (i.e. the picture will appear in the deformed state is the displacement results are here OR the picture will appear jagged at the area of the reaction forces.)
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4. Printing out the results in report form. - In the results section (picture above) put the results you want to have put in report form in the deformation results.
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