lab10 - Dimensioning Rules(must sometimes be violated 1...

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Lab #10 Drafting Icons: (From left to right, top to bottom) Create layout, create a view, make a section Active view, move view, scale view Dimensioning (next five), create text Information on view, ---, detailing ----,-----, Bill of Materials Draft Drawings include: - datum - name of drafter and approved by - revision - scale - ownership/company name - sketch of part - dimensions - units - tolerances - material - name of part - identifying # of part - quantity required Sections: imagine that part of the object has been cut away and shown in a cross- sectional view. This can be seen in figure 1 above with section AA Figure 0: Draft layout, with pictures. Top, Front, Profile, Isometric and a Section
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Unformatted text preview: Dimensioning Rules: (must sometimes be violated) 1. First row of dimensions at 3H, 2 nd row at 2H, where H = height of characters (text) 2. Place a dimension between views sharing a dimension 3. Place dimension on most descriptive view 4. Dimension visible features, not hidden features 5. Leave the last dimension black in a chain of dimensions when you also give an overall dimension Refers to 5 and 10 6. Mark reference dimensions 7. Try not to clutter drawings 8. Don’t put dimensions inside your view 9. Dimensioning lines should not cross each other (unless necessary) 10. Extension lines may cross other lines if they must...
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lab10 - Dimensioning Rules(must sometimes be violated 1...

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