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Mid Term Project Solid Modeling Project Instructions Due Date: November 11, 2003 You are to model an object of your choice in the I-deas Master Modeler. When modeling the object you must illustrate that you have a firm understanding on how to utilize the commands you have learned through the I-deas workbook and during class. Some of the major commands include: 1. Extrude 2. Revolve 3. Sweep 4. Loft 5. Join, cut, protrude 6. Fillets and chamfers 7. Pattern (array) 8. Shell The grade you receive for your project will be based on the fact that the mentioned
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Unformatted text preview: commands are used and to what complexity they are used. The grading scheme will be discussed during class in more detail. Your creativity is welcomed and encouraged. However, a list of suggestions can be found below: 1. The boot of a roller blade 2. Calculator 3. Beeper 4. Kitchen faucet 5. Watch 6. Computer mouse 7. Coffee pot 8. Sail boat 9. Chair The object you chose to model should look like a finished product. You should discuss your modeling choice with the instructor prior to starting the project....
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