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Mid Term Project: Due: June 20, 2003 You are to use the I-deas software to model a rollerblade. You are free to model a rollerblade of your choice. However, an example will be given to you in class and will be kept in room 346 in Engr 1. You may take measurements of the model provided and create your cad model according to those dimensions or you may create your cad model based on your own imagination. When your model is complete it should be one object. At a minimum you must include the following commands: Extrude, sweep, revolve, loft, pattern, join, cut, intersect, shell, and fillets. You need to submit a report describing how you created your model. This report should be detailed and easy to read. Figures and sketches should be included. It must be divided into logical subsections. The report could have the following divisions: Introduction, modeling, assembling, conclusion. The modeling section may then be subdivided into: wheels, axels, gussets, shoe, locking mechanism, and other necessary
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