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4methylcyclonotesfall04 - 4-Methylcyclohexene Procedure...

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4-Methylcyclohexene Procedure Notes 4-Methylcyclohexene 1. Combine the reagents according to the procedure and add a Teflon boiling chip. 2. Immerse the receiving flask in an ice water bath and begin the distillation. Do NOT omit the condenser as the new text suggests. 3. Adjust the transformer so that the product vapor does not exceed 100 C. 4. Continue distilling until no more liquid is collected. 5. Transfer the distillate to a 125 mL separatory funnel and add 2 mL of saturated sodium chloride solution to aid in layer separation. 6. Drain the bottom layer and discard. 7. Dry the organic layer over anhydrous Na 2 SO 4 for 10 minutes. 8. Immerse the receiving flask in ice and distill the organic layer, collecting only the portion that boils over the range 100 - 105 C. Adjust heat to distill the product no
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