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AcetanilideProcedureNotesExp8 - Heat this flask on the hot...

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Acetanilide Procedure Notes The volumes in this procedure are slightly different to allow for the hot filtration. These notes are not to replace your text but to modify them. Reaction Mixture Weigh approx. 2.0g aniline into a clean 125 mL erlenmeyer flask. Add 15mL water, mix well, and then add 2.5 mL acetic anhydride while gently swirling the flask. The acetanilide should precipitate once formed. Add 40 mL of water with a boileezer and heat on a hot plate (on a low setting) until solids are dissolved. Remove about 1 mL (using a Pasteur pipet) of the hot solution into a 50 mL beaker. These will be your crude crystals. Decolorization, Hot filtration, Crystallization, Melting Points Allow the mixture in the flask to cool slightly. Add a scoopula tip of activated charcoal to the cooled flask and boil again for a few minutes. Prepare a hot filtration by placing 4-5 mL’s of water into another 125 ml erlenmeyer flask.
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Unformatted text preview: Heat this flask on the hot plate with a stem less funnel and wet, fluted filter paper until boiling then for 2-3 additional minutes. Pour 3-4 mL’s of boiling water through the fluted paper, then filter your acetanilide mixture through this warm funnel (3-4 mL’s at a time). NOTE: Don’t rush it at this point. The key is to have the flask, filter, and paper hot. If too much mixture is filtered at a time the acetanilide will crystallize on the filter paper and more solvent will be required to re-dissolve which will decrease your final yield. Allow the flask to cool slowly to room temp then to ice temp to crystallize. Charcoal should not be present in your filtrate. If so, repeat procedure. Vacuum filter the solid crystals through a Buchner funnel and rinse with 2-3 mL’s ice-cold water. Allow the crystals to dry while in the Buchner funnel until the next lab period. Follow remaining procedures in textbook....
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