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Unformatted text preview: & Symmetry A M B I D E X E R C I S E TM Strength Ambidexercise TM Ambidexercise TM is a method of fitness training that uses one-sided sports activities to train both sides of the body. For example, if you play tennis naturally with your right hand, then you would put the racquet in your left hand and teach that side of your body to play tennis with the goal of achieving the same level of expertise as your dominant right hand. The term ambidexercise TM comes from the combination of the two words ambidextrous and exercise. This program emphasizes training both sides of the body to achieve a balance, coordination and symmetry not easily attained and therefore not often found in people. I used to play handball and loved the game, because it worked out the entire body and forced me to use my non-dominant left hand (I am naturally right handed) if I wanted to improve. I had lifted weights and played various other sports, but none of those activities had served to strengthen the left side of my...
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