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aminoacidsword - Nonpolar Nonpolar R-groups H CH3 H C COO H...

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Unformatted text preview: Nonpolar Nonpolar R-groups H CH3 H C COO - H + NH3 CH3 C COO - Acidic R-groups (negatively charged) + O Gly H CH CH C NH3 Ala CH3 Amino acids at pH 6.0 with three-letter abbreviation Polar R-groups COO - O HO CH2 C COO COO - + Asp + O Ser H CH3 C - COO OH - CH3 + NH3 C C COO NH3 Leu COO NH3 H CH H C CH2 CH2 - O C CH2 NH3 NH3 Val CH CH2 C H - + NH3 CH3 H - + Glu - + Basic R-groups (positively charged) Thr CH3 H CH3 CH2 CH C COO - H + HS NH3 CH2 Ile C H COO NH3 - + H3N (CH2)4 + C COO NH3 + Cys CH2 H2C C COO H HO Pro CH2 C COO C H2N Tyr COO NH C NH2 - NH2 Phe C CH2 + COO C COO Asn - CH2 H Trp NH2 CH2 C + H CH2 H S NH3 COO + NH3 Met - C O CH2 CH2 C - + + CH3 COO - NH3 H C Arg NH3 O H N (CH2)3 H + C H + NH3 CH2 - NH3 H CH2 Lys - H H2C NH2 + - COO NH3 - + Gln HN + NH C COO - + NH3 His ...
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