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Competing Nucleophiles and Alkyl Halide Reactivities CHM 2210L Experiments 21 and 20 Cover Sheet Name ____________________________ Section ______________Date___________________ A) Complete the following tables: Competing Nucleophiles Results from Gas Chromatography: % alkyl bromide % alkyl chloride Mechanism (Sn1/Sn2/Mixture) 1-butanol _______________ _______________ _________________ 2-butanol _______________ _______________ _________________ t-butanol ________________ ________________ __________________ Reactivities of Some Alkyl Halides Halide Draw Structure of Halide NaI/acetone Observations AgNO 3 /ethanol Observations Mechanism(s) Indicated 1-chlorobutane
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Unformatted text preview: 1-bromobutane 2-chlorobutane 2-bromobutane t-chlorobutane bromobenzene bromocyclohexane bromocyclopentane B) Write the three chemical equations involved in the alkyl halide synthesis ( Exp. 21 ). C) Write a discussion using the following headings as your guide: 1) Introduction to Substitution Reactions 2) Competing Nucleophile Determinations Using GC (use your table as guide; relate nucleophiles, electrophiles, leaving groups) 3) Reactivities of Alkyl Halides (use your table as guide; give chemical formulas for any precipitates which formed; relate solvents, substrates, mechanisms) D) Answer the following questions: page 180 #2,4,6&7; page 171 #1,4,5&6....
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CompNucsCovPgfall04 - 1-bromobutane 2-chlorobutane...

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