CompNucsProcNotesfall04 - Competing Nucleophiles Procedure...

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Unformatted text preview: Competing Nucleophiles Procedure Notes The procedure in the lab text only makes enough nucleophilic medium for one alcohol in 21A and t- butanol in 21B therefore each person will be assigned one alcohol from 21A and t-butanol for 21B. In order to get enough product, we will triple ALL amounts for this experiment including the nucleophilic medium. We will also use our 125 mL separatory funnel everywhere the procedure calls for a centrifuge tube. The procedure on this page represents all amounts listed in the lab text after tripling . Nucleophilic Medium Combine all the reactants as prescribed but remember to triple all amounts listed in the lab text. (i.e. 30g ice, 22.8mL H2SO4, 5.7g NH4Cl, and 10.8g NH4Br). Place the ice in a beaker then add the acid. Once the ice is melted, pour the solution into a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask. Weigh the solids using tared weigh boats. The salts can be crushed to powder, in the weigh boats, using your scoopula handle. Transfer the salts in the two weigh boats to the Erlenmeyer flask. It is necessary scoopula handle....
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CompNucsProcNotesfall04 - Competing Nucleophiles Procedure...

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