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Spinach Chromatography Procedure Notes Extraction of the Pigments 1) We will be using fresh spinach for our separation and screw cap test tubes instead of centrifuge tubes. 2) The first extracting solvent will be cold acetone. Place about 1.0 mL of acetone in a test tube with your weighed spinach. 3) With a small stir rod carefully grind the spinach. Too much force may punch the rod through the test tube bottom. 4) Centrifuge the tube (make sure it is balanced). You should now have a liquid above an insoluble solid. 5) Transfer the liquid to a second screw cap test tube. 6) Add about 2.0 mL of hexane to this test tube, cap, and shake thoroughly. 7) Add about 2.0 mL of water, cap, and shake while venting. 8) Centrifuge this mixture to break any emulsion and separate the layers. 9) Remove the top organic layer with a Pasteur pipet and save for next step. Discard bottom aqueous layer in a waste container. 10) Prepare a drying column using a Pasteur pipet with about 1 ½ inches of Na
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NotesSpinachChromatographyspr05 - Spinach Chromatography...

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