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Project 1: Due: Tuesday 6/7/05 This project is worth 10% of your final project grade (or 4% of your overall grade) You are to analyze the bracket in the attached files. An evenly distributed load is applied to the top surface of the bracket in a direction perpendicular to this surface. The back face is fastened to a wall by means of two bolts. The bolt force is distributed slightly by using washers of 15mm. The material used for the brackets is Aluminum 6061-T6. Determine the maximum load that can be applied to the bracket. If necessary, modify the geometry. The original geometry is available in the uploaded files: Bracket.mf1 Bracket.mf2 You are to submit a report that includes images of the bracket, images and discussions of
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Unformatted text preview: all loads, boundary conditions and your mesh (element type, size, number of nodes and elements), and a discussion of any simplifications to the model. Your report should clearly specify the location and magnitude of the maximum von Mises stress and the magnitude and location of the maximum deformation. Discuss the location of the maximum von Mises stress. Is it a reasonable location? Why/why not? If it is not reasonable, specify the location and magnitude of the largest reasonable von Mises stress. Verify static equilibrium. Provide all necessary images and I-deas reports to support your analysis. Back face fastened to wall Top face on which load is distributed...
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