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Project 2_mapped_mesh_bearing_load

Project 2_mapped_mesh_bearing_load - Finite Element...

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Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Summer 2005 Project 2 Due: Tuesday 6/14/05 This project is worth 20% of your final project grade (or 8% of your overall grade) You are to analyze the below support bracket. You will determine the stresses using both a free mesh and a mapped mesh. You are to perform a convergence check for both meshes. The bracket is made of A36 Structural Steel. The back flat surface (50x200 mm) of the bracket is fully fixed to a wall. A bearing load is applied to the bottom halves of the circular surfaces with a sinusoidal distribution. The load is largest at the center and is reduced outward according to the sine function. In addition to the applied load the support bracket is subject to gravitational forces. What is the maximum load that the bracket can support without yielding? Use symmetry conditions in your model where appropriate. In your report, in addition to the above, make sure to include the following: Snapshots of the model where appropriate.
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