Project 3 spider elements

Project 3 spider elements - The write up should include:...

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Project 3: Worth 20% of project grade Due: Tuesday 6/21/05 You are to add a circular beam element through the bracket created for project 2. The beam has a diameter of 30 mm, it extends out 50 mm from the bracket on both sides. The end of the beam is connected to a 100mm lever arm (a beam with the same cross section). See figure for details. Use the mapped mesh created previously for the bracket. The beam is made of the same material as the bracket. Gravity need not be included in your analysis. Two load cases are to be solved. You may use symmetry conditions when solving. Load case 1: Apply a load of 1N in the x-, y-, and z-directions, as shown, at the beam corner node(s). Load case 2:
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Apply a load of 1 N in the downward direction at the outermost node, as shown, on the beam lever.
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Unformatted text preview: The write up should include: Mesh section: a short description of the mesh. No convergence necessary. Mention what elements were used. Load and BC section(s): a short description of the applied loads and BC’s. Connection: Make sure you describe, in detail, the connection between the beam and the bracket. What elements are used? How are the elements connected? Be specific. Define done labels and talk about which nodes the elements are connected to. How are loads transferred? What DOF does each element have? Results: Solve for the von misses stresses, the displacements and the reaction forces for each of the load cases. Discuss the displacements in detail. Do the displacements make sense? Verification: Only need to check that static equilibrium is satisfied....
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Project 3 spider elements - The write up should include:...

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