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CHEM 2045C: Quiz 1 NAME ___________________________ N #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q8059x01-alpha-2-x NOTE: for multiple choice answers, there may be more than one answer. 1. (2 pts) Classify each of the following as a pure substance or a mixture. IF a mixture, indicate whether it is homogeneous or heterogeneous: [a] iron [b] vomit 2. (2 pts) In the process of attempting to characterize a substance, a chemist makes the following observations: The substance is a silver white, lustrous metal. It melts at 649 °C and boils at 1105 °C. Its density at 20 °C is 1.738 g/cm 3 . The substance burns air, producing white light. It reacts with chlorine to give a brittle white solid. The substance can be pounded into thin sheets or drawn into wires.
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Unformatted text preview: It is a good conductor of electricity. Identify two properties from above: one physical and one chemical. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 3. (3 pts) Which of the following are NOT SI base units? [a] second [e] meter [b] mole [f] gram [c] liter [g] Celsius [d] kilogram [h] Kelvin 4. (3 pts) Give the number of significant figures for each number. [a] 1.3004 × 10 2 dg [b] 4.0 cL [c] 0.0003024 km 5. (4 pts) One hundred centigrams (cg) equal one gram (g). Ten decigrams (dg) equal one gram (g). How many dg are in 0.421 cg? 6. (1 pt) What element has the chemical symbol H? __________________________________...
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