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CHEM 151: Quiz 1 NAME ___ KEY __________________ ID #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q201 1. (4 pts) All of the following are examples of physical properties EXCEPT a) gold is yellow in appearance. b) aluminum oxidizes (that is, it reacts with oxygen) to form Al 2 O 3 . c) mercury is a liquid at room temperature. d) the density of silver is 10.45 g/cm 3 . 2. (4 pts) Which one of the following is a homogeneous mixture? a) baked beans b) sugar dissolved in water c) chocolate chip ice cream d) chicken noodle soup 3. (4 pts) Which one of the following is NOT an SI base unit? a) minutes b) kilogram c) mole d) all are SI base units seconds is the SI base unit of time 4. (4 pts) Two electronic balances are tested using a standard weight. The true mass of the standard is 1.3111 g. The results of 5 individual measurements on each balance are recorded below. Balance A Balance B 0.8888 g 1.3110 g 0.9959 g 1.3109 g 1.1182 g 1.3111 g 1.0033 g 1.3110 g 0.9938 g 1.3110 g average mass =
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