eng-spring07-q206 - CHEM 151: Quiz 6 NAME...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 151: Quiz 6 NAME ______________________ ID #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q206 You are allowed to use books/notes/etc, but you Due by the START of Thursday’s (3/8/07) lecture. are not allowed to receive help from others. Late quizzes will receive at least a 10 point deduction. 1. (2 pts) In an endothermic reaction, the system (or reaction) will ______________________ in temperature and the surroundings will ____________________ in temperature. (Place the words increase and decrease in the correct blanks.) 2. (6 pts) If 46.1 g Zn at 18.0 °C is placed in 80.0 g H 2 O at 75.0 °C, what is the final temperature of the mixture? The specific heat capacities of zinc and water are 0.388 J/g·K and 4.184 J/g·K, respectively. 3. (6 pts) When 0.560 g of solid sodium reacts with 0.560 g of fluorine gas to form solid sodium fluoride, 13.8 kJ of heat is evolved at standard-state conditions. What is the standard enthalpy of formation ( Δ H f °) of solid sodium fluoride? Hint: write the balanced reaction for sodium with fluorine gas to produce sodium fluoride and determine the number of moles of sodium fluoride that will form from the limiting reagent. CHEM 151: Quiz 6...
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eng-spring07-q206 - CHEM 151: Quiz 6 NAME...

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