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CHEM 151: Quiz 8 NAME ______________________ ID #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q208 1. (13 pts total – 3 pts each, except for vii.) Answer the following True or False. FALSE i. P has a lower ionization energy than As. TRUE ii. Ge has a greater (absolute value of) electron affinity than K. FALSE iii. Al is more electronegative than Cl. FALSE iv. KI has a larger (absolute value for the) lattice energy than LiF. TRUE vii. (1 pt) ScN has a larger (absolute value for the) lattice energy than CaO. 2. (4 pts) Draw a qualitative energy level diagram for the Born-Haber cycle for making solid AgI from silver and iodine. Don’t forget to label the steps and the y axis. Ag (s) Ag (g) Δ H f ° (Ag, sublimation) = 150. kJ/mol Ag (g) Ag + (g) + e - IE (Ag) = 731 kJ/mol ½ I 2 (s) ½ I
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Unformatted text preview: 2 (g) Δ H f ° (I2 gas) = 62 kJ ½ I 2 (g) → I (g) D (I2) = 76 kJ I (g) + e-→ I-(g) EA (I) = -295 kJ/mol Ag (s) + ½ I 2 (l) → AgI (s) Δ H f ° (AgI) = -62 kJ/mol Ag + (g) + I-(g) → AgI (s) Δ H lattice ° (AgI) = -786 kJ/mol See the example from class lecture notes. Figure 9.4 in the book is wrong. 2 pts for diagram 1 pt for labeling the y axis as “Energy” or “Increasing Energy” 1 pt for labeling the steps with Δ H f ° (Ag, sublimation) , IE (Ag) , etc 3. (4 pts) Draw the Lewis dot symbols for C and Ge. 2 pts each 4. (4 pts) At a cost of 1 pt per compound, Dr. Eng will give you the formula for the compound(s). Draw the Lewis structures (or Lewis electron-dot structures) for i. carbon disulfide ii. bromine trifluoride 2 pts each...
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