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CHEM 151: Quiz 9 NAME _________ KEY _________ ID #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q209 Note: there are TWO extra points on this quiz. 1. (3 pts) Of the following, identify the shortest bond length. a. carbon-boron single bond, b. carbon-oxygen double bond, c. carbon-nitrogen double bond, d. carbon-sulfur single bond, 2. (3 pts) One resonance structure for thiocyanate ion is drawn below. What is the formal charge on each atom? a) S = 0, C = -1, N = 0 b) S = 0, C = 0, N = -1 c) S = -1, C = 0, N = 0 d) S = 0, C = +2, N = -3 3. (3 pts) Identify the electron-pair geometry, molecular geometry, and bond angles for tellurium tetrafluoride. electron-pair geometry trigonal bipyramidal
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Unformatted text preview: molecular geometry seesaw bond angles 180 and 90 and 120 4. (18 pts) Identify the molecular geometry about the central carbon atom AND identify if the molecule is polar or nonpolar . (In the first three, carbon is the central atom.) Dr. Eng will give you the molecular formula at a cost of 1 pt per compound. Compound Molecular Geometry Polar or Nonpolar carbonate anion, CO 3 2 trigonal planar nonpolar thiocyanate ion, SCN linear polar dimethylchloride, CH 2 Cl 2 tetrahedral polar sulfur tetrachloride seesaw polar xenon tetrafluoride square-planar nonpolar chlorine dioxide bent polar 3 pts for molecular geometry, 1 point for correct molecular polarity C N-S...
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