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CHEM 151: Quiz 9 NAME _________ KEY _________ ID #_______________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q209 Note: there are TWO extra points on this quiz. 1. (3 pts) Of the following, identify the shortest bond length. a. carbon-boron single bond, b. carbon-oxygen double bond, c. carbon-nitrogen double bond, d. carbon-sulfur single bond, 2. (3 pts) One resonance structure for thiocyanate ion is drawn below. What is the formal charge on each atom? a) S = 0, C = -1, N = 0 b) S = 0, C = 0, N = -1 c) S = -1, C = 0, N = 0 d) S = 0, C = +2, N = -3 3. (3 pts) Identify the electron-pair geometry, molecular geometry, and bond angles for tellurium tetrafluoride. electron-pair geometry trigonal bipyramidal
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Unformatted text preview: molecular geometry seesaw bond angles 180° and 90° and 120° 4. (18 pts) Identify the molecular geometry about the central carbon atom AND identify if the molecule is polar or nonpolar . (In the first three, carbon is the central atom.) Dr. Eng will give you the molecular formula at a cost of 1 pt per compound. Compound Molecular Geometry Polar or Nonpolar carbonate anion, CO 3 2— trigonal planar nonpolar thiocyanate ion, SCN — linear polar dimethylchloride, CH 2 Cl 2 tetrahedral polar sulfur tetrachloride seesaw polar xenon tetrafluoride square-planar nonpolar chlorine dioxide bent polar 3 pts for molecular geometry, 1 point for correct molecular polarity C N-S...
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