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University of North Florida NAME _____ ________KEY___________ CHM 1025C, Introduction to Chemistry Exam 1 Spring 2009 2 February 2009 Part I. # Topic % correct A B C D E AB CD DE 1 filling in the version 100 a b c d e ab cd de 2 chemical symbols/names 97.8 a a c e e d b c 3 chemical symbols/names 96.7 a c b ab e ad d e 4 chemical symbols/names 92.2 e ac d c a ac a b 5 chemical symbols/names 96.7 d e e c c c a a 6 chemical symbols/names 88.9 a a b a c c e d 7 chemical symbols/names 95.6 b e a c e b d a 8 chemical symbols/names 96.7 e a d a c e b c 9 chemical symbols/names 82.2 ad c c a a d e b 10 chemical symbols/names 90.0 d b e e ad a c ab 11 chemical symbols/names 86.7 ae d ad b d e ac c 12 metric prefixes 65.6 ae ce ce ac b b a ae 13 metric prefixes 66.7 c ab b cd bc ce ae c 14 metric prefixes 63.3 e cd cd bd c c ab be 15 metric prefixes 64.4 ce bd ae b e ac be bd 16 metric prefixes 67.8 d ad d be ad be b e 17 metric prefixes 61.1 de a e a de bd ac ab 18 metric prefixes 62.2 b be ad ce d ad ce a 19 metric prefixes 62.2 cd ac c c ae cd bc b 20 metric prefixes 64.4 bc b de ab ce a ad ad 21 metric prefixes 60.0 ad c bc ad cd ab bd ac 22 metric units for length, temp, mass 96.7 d e a b b d e a 23 units for volume 82.2 a d d b c e a e 24 significant digits 74.4 c d b a a e d e 25 significant digits: calculation 73.3 c d b ab a e e ab 26 significant digits: calculation 76.7 d ab d b b a c a 27 scientific notation 90.0 d d b b a e a c 28 significant digits in a scientific notation 68.9 b e a b e a b e 29 cm 3 to mL or vice versa 80.0 e a b e a b c b 30 areas of chemistry 65.6 d c b a a d e a 31 founder of the scientific method 31.1 a d e b d e d e 32 scientific method: theory, law, hypothesis 34.4 d a c d a c e d 33 percent composition 63.3 c e d
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key-09sp-CHM1025C-e1018x01 - University of North Florida...

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