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University of North Florida NAME _____ ________KEY___________ CHM 1025C, Introduction to Chemistry Exam 3 Spring 2009 taken 8 April 2009 Part I. Percentages in parentheses or brackets are from (Exam 1) and [Exam 2], respectively. Each problem is worth 1.2 points. Two students failed to write their name on the scantrons and amazingly, they each had the same exam version, so no scantron scores could be given. Another student failed to fill in the bubble on problem #10. # Topic percent correct A B C D E 1 metric prefixes (63.8%) [50.6%] 56.9 bc be ae c ad 2 metric prefixes (63.8%) [50.6%] 61.1 ad ac d bd ab 3 information about orbitals (36.7%) [41.9%] 43.1 b e d a b 4 electronic configuration (87.2%) 86.1 c a e b d 5 periodic trends [63.6%] 48.6 a b e d c 6 finding molar mass [82.6%] 90.3 d a b e c 7 predicting the formula of an ionic compound [44.2%] 41.7 d c a b e 8 classifying a reaction [81.8%] 43.1 c d d a e 9 solubility rules [17.4%] 15.3 e ad ac ab e 10 filling in the version (100%) [100%] 98.6 a b c d e 11 conservation of mass law 73.6 d a b e a 12 stoichiometry: moles to moles 76.4 e c a d b 13 identifying the limiting reactant and excess reactant 41.7 b d a d e 14 stoichiometry: mass to (moles to moles to) mass 33.3 b b c a c 15 percent yield 70.8 d a ab e ab 16 solute and solvent 80.6 a c d b b 17 concentration: mass percent 48.6 e ab b a a 18 concentration: molarity = moles solute / L solution 25.0 c a b d c 19 SI unit of gas pressure is Pa, not atm 9.7 e b a b d 20 converting gas units 72.2 b d c d d 21 ideal gas: negligible volume and no attraction 51.4 d e b a c 22 gas stoichiometry: moles to (moles to) volume at STP 34.7 c e d a b 23 gas laws 37.5 a d b c e 24 gas laws 44.4 b b c d a 25 bond energy – actually, the reverse of bond energy 8.3 d a a d ab 26 electronegativity 69.4 a b e c d 27 Lewis structure 86.1 e d a b c 28 resonance structure # d# c# b# a# b# 29 formal charge 30.6 d e a c b 30 hydrogen bonding 20.8 e ab d ac c Please notify Dr. Eng (hank.eng AT if you believe you have found any typos or mistakes. # The correct answer is listed. Students might believe the Cl 2 CO answer is correct, but it is not. I will give everyone 1.2 points for this problem.
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Exam 3 key PART II. A total of 30 points may be earned on this section. Show your work for full/partial credit. Numerical answers given with no work shown will earn zero points . For 1 point, make sure your name is on each page of Part II and REMOVE the staple from Part II. TWENTY out of 72 students did not put their name on each page or did not remove the staple. Grading for all versions of #31.
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key-09sp-CHM1025C-e1018x03 - University of North Florida...

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