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Unformatted text preview: University of North Florida KEY CHM 1025C, Introduction to Chemistry Exam 1 Spring 2008 30 January 2008 2 pts writing your name and version on the scantron AND writing your name on the partial credit portion. 60 pts multiple choice (3 pt each) 38 pts partial credit portion: 18 points naming elements and 20 pts for two problems. There were three versions on the exam. Part I answers Question % correct mu-1-O xi-1-O xi-1-N 1 branches of chemistry 80.2 d b a 2 scientific method founder 79.1 a d c 3 scientific method 38.4 d b a 4 measurement, instruments 97.7 e e e 5 significant digits 75.6 c a e 6 significant digits: multiplying 87.2 a d c 7 scientific notation 95.4 d b a 8 percent 69.8 b e d 9 SI/metric units 91.9 d * b * a * 10 definition of deci 80.2 a d c 11 definitinon of milli 77.9 b e d 12 reading a graduated cylinder 86.1 d b a 13 volume of a cube 89.5 e c b 14 density 90.7 a d c 15 changing K to °C 88.4 d b a 16 physical states 69.8 c a e 17 homo- and heterogeneous 32.6 d b a 18 element/metal/nonmetal 80.2 e c be ‡ 19 physical/chemical properties 66.3 a d c 20 conservation of mass and energy 66.3 e e e Notes on the multiple choice: * #9 calorie is the best answer; however, because I said in lecture that Celsius is not a base SI unit, I will take Celsius as well which was answer (e) mu-1-O, (c) xi-1-O, and (b) xi-1-N. ‡ #18 in xi-1-N, chlorine is both a nonmetal and element, so both (b) and (e) will be counted correct. Part II answers. Numerical answers given with no work shown will earn zero points . 2 pts each for giving the missing symbol or name. mu-1-O xi-1-O xi-1-N 21 oxygen O nitrogen N copper Cu 22 aluminum Al silicon Si potassium K 23 iron Fe copper Cu oxygen O 24 nitrogen N hydrogen H hydrogen H 25 K potassium Fe iron C carbon 26 H hydrogen U uranium U uranium 27 U uranium O oxygen Hg mercury 28 Au gold Ag silver N nitrogen 29 C carbon S sulfur Ne neon Exam 1 KEY...
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key-eng-08spring-CHM1025C-e1021x01 - University of North...

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