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University of North Florida NAME _____ ________KEY___________ CHM 1025C, Introduction to Chemistry Exam 2 Spring 2008 5 March 2008 2 pts for writing your name on the partial credit portion (pages 6 and 7) AND writing your name and version number on the SCANTRON. Part I. Each problem is 3 points. σ is sigma,.and τ is tau. # % correct σ -2- P σ -2- Q σ -2- R τ -2- P τ -2- Q τ -2- R 1 atomic notation 65.4 a e c d e b 2 atomic notation 58.0 b d d e d a 3 atomic notation 38.3 a b e a d d 4 atomic model 38.3 d a c e a a 5 atomic mass from isotopic mass 77.8 c a d e a a 6 group name 93.8 b b a d e e 7 group name 90.1 a e e e d c 8 representative elements 64.2 e b a c a d 9 electron configuration 77.8 d c a e c d 10 electron configuration (ion) 17.3 c d d d e a 11 metallicity 74.1 d e c e e a 12 ionization energy 63.0 c c d a a e 13 atomic radii 69.1 d d c a a e 14 atomic radii 65.4 c a d e d a 15 physical states of elements 49.4 d e d e b b 16 diatomic elements 66.7 a a d b c e 17 naming monatomic ion
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key-eng-08spring-CHM1025C-e1021x02 - University of North...

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