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University of North Florida NAME _____ ________KEY___________ CHM 1025C, Introduction to Chemistry Exam 3 Spring 2008 14 April 2008 2 pts for writing your name on the partial credit portion (pages 6, 7, and 8) AND writing your name and version number on the SCANTRON. Part I. Each problem is 3 points. # topic % correct pi- 3-T pi- 3-U pi- 3-V rho- 3-T rho- 3-U 1 formula to atoms 24.1 a e b d c 2 moles to atoms 77.6 d b d b e 3 mass to atoms (no formula given) 22.4 e c b d a 4 molar mass 96.6 b c a e b 5 standard molar volume 79.3 c d a e b 6 gas density at STP 84.5 e d e a b 7 percent composition 91.4 c a b b d 8 conservation of mass law 79.3 a d c e b 9 stoichiometry: moles to moles 74.1 e a c b d 10 limiting reactant: moles to moles 44.8 d c e b a 11 limiting reactant: mass to mass (O 2 is limiting) 25.9 e c b d a 12 percent yield 74.1 a d c e b 13 SI unit of pressure is Pa (or kPa) not atm 8.6 b c e d a 14 mm Hg to atmospheres 89.7 b a c d d 15 ideal gas 67.2 a d b e b 16 understanding PV=nRT 62.1 c d e d b 17 understanding PV=nRT 19.0 d c a e c 18 using PV=nRT to find molar mass 31.0 a a c e e 19 covalent bonding 60.3 d e d a c 20 bond energy definition 60.3 c e b d e 21 electronegativity 89.7 e c b a a 22 nonpolar covalent bond 39.7 d c e d a 23 molecular shape of ammonia 63.8 b c d d a 24 hydrogen bonding (all of them) 50.0 a e a e e
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NAME: ________________________ Exam 3 PART II. There are 26 total points for this section.
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key-eng-08spring-CHM1025C-e1021x03 - University of North...

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