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CHEM 2045C: Quiz 9 (15 Nov 07) NAME _______KEY_______________ N #_____________ Show your work for full credit Eng Q8059x09 30 points may be earned on this quiz. NO CALCULATORS ARE ALLOWED. 1. (3 pts) For Rb, K, Ge, C, and F identify the element with the a. largest nonbonding atomic radius Rb b. largest 1 st ionization energy F c. smallest (absolute value of) electron affinity Rb 2. (3 pts) Name the following groups. Group IA (or 1) alkali metals Group VIA (or 16) chalcogens Group IIA (or 2) alkaline earth metals Group VIIA (or 17) halogens Group VA (or 15) pnictogens Group VIIIA (or 18) noble gases 3. (1 pt) Of Mg and Ba, which element will react with cold water, H 2 O (l) ? Ba (with decreasing ionization energy, reactivity increases down the alkali metals) 4. (4 pts) Give two examples of allotropes for the following elements. carbon (2 names) graphite, diamond, and buckminsterfullerene (or buckyballs or fullerenes) phosphorus (2 names) black, red, and white/yellow oxygen (2 chemical formulae) O 2 and O 3 sulfur (2 chemical formulae) S 8 is the most common, but there are others from S 6 to S 20 5.
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