Assignment #5 Discussion

Assignment #5 Discussion - Assignment #5 Chapter 18...

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Assignment #5 Chapter 18 Questions for Critical Thinking 2 and 4 The selection process is where applicants go through several stages – three are shown in the exhibit-during which they can be rejected at any time. In the initial selection devices are the first information applicants submit and are used for preliminary “rough cuts” to decide whether an applicant meets the basic qualification for a job. This is an important phase, since organizations perform background checks and narrow down the selection pool to those who are qualified and seem suitable for the job at first glance. In the substantive selection applicants who are most qualified are chosen from among those who meet the basic qualifications. Written tests, performance tests, and interviews are given to get a deeper understanding of how the potential employee might adapt to his work environment. Finally, in the contingent selection process final checks are made before making an offer to applicants. Drug tests and background check are given. After the contingent selection applicants receive a job offer if they pass the tests. The selection device is important to companies, because demanding tests are given to make sure people who are most likely to embrace the company’s culture are selected. Back ground checks, interviews, and written tests given provides detailed information about the applicant, which makes it easier for employers to predict if the applicant would enjoy working at the company. Meeting these requirements is important,
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Assignment #5 Discussion - Assignment #5 Chapter 18...

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