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PHY293 Oscillations Lecture #3 September 15, 2009 1. Tutorials start Thursday 2. First problem set is now posted ( phy293h1f/waves/phy293 ps1.pdf ) 3. There was a small clarification/addition to problem 3 after the first posting Start of material 1. Damped Simple Harmonic Motion Perpetual motion machines do not exist because of damping Energy juggling cannot go on forever Resistance, friction, dissipation is always present We only know about oscillating systems because of dissipative phenomena Hearing a tuning fork vibrations transmitted to air Observe LC oscillation voltage dropped across a resistor Feel waves because of the viscosity of the medium they are moving in Dissipation proportional to ˙ x (velocity) Microscopically there is no dissipation Dissipation comes from increased randomness, averaged over a system gives the overall damping eg. Heat is generated by increased randomness, averaged over whole system that gets hot)
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