Exam 2 list - b If you have 3.30 g of carbon dioxide how...

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Chapter 5 Toyota 1 CHM 1025 Chapter 3 and 4 exam 1. Nomenclature a. Ionic (main group and transition metal) b. Molecular c. Hydrates d. Acids i. HBr Hydrochloric acid ii. H 2 SO 4 Sulfuric acid SO 4 -2 I “ate” something “ic”ky 2. Strong acids and bases 3. Strong vs. weak electrolytes 4. Moles a. Molar masses b. Grams to moles c. Grams to moles to molecules 5. Mass percentage a. Of a sample b. Of an atom in a compound 6. Empirical formula a. Mass percent to empirical formula b. If you know mass then you can determine molecular formula 7. Concentration a. Molarity i. Grams to moles to molarity b. Concentration as percents i. v/v mL solute per mL of solution ii. m/v g solute per 100 mL of solution iii. m/m g solute per g of solution c. Dilution 8. Lewis dot structures a. Neutral atoms b. Ions c. Ionic compounds d. Molecular compounds 9. Old stuff a. Significant figures b. Historical scientists c. Conversions d. Nuclide symbols
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Chapter 5 Toyota 2 Examples: 4. Moles a. Calculate the molar mass of potassium dichromate.
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Unformatted text preview: b. If you have 3.30 g of carbon dioxide, how many moles of carbon dioxide do you have? i. How many grams are there in 0.5 mol of iron(II) chloride? c. How many formula units of potassium chloride are there in 3.0 g of KCl? 5. Mass percentage a. What is the mass percent of each element in propane, C 3 H 8 ? What mass of carbon is there in 300 g of propane? 6. Empirical formula a. Camphor smells nice. It is composed of 78.09% carbon and 10.59% hydrogen and oxygen. What is the empirical formula of camphor? b. If camphor’s molar mass is 153 g/mol, what is the molecular formula of camphor? 7. Molarity a. What is the molarity of a 500 mL solution that contains 40.0 g of sodium chloride? b. What is the molarity of a 30% (m/v) aqueous solution of methanol (CH 3 OH)? c. What was the starting concentration of a stock solution if 20.0 mL are diluted to 155.0 mL of 3.0 M solution?...
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Exam 2 list - b If you have 3.30 g of carbon dioxide how...

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