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CHM1025 Experiment #4 Follow-up Expt 4 Assignment Expt 4 Follow-up Data Table You have done Expt 4 and now you and your group needs to follow-up with the last part. You need to look at the Data Table and choose a column you and your group will graph. I will assign each group their column by order of rank and non-conflicting choice. Your first task is to determine if your chosen column’s data will cluster, with respect to numerical value. You can do this by making a pseudo one dimensional graph, your chosen column as the x-axis and your group number as the y-axis.
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Unformatted text preview: After you have done this, and if your data will cluster then I will Email your group leader, as a reply, the instructions for the next graphs. Group # In Choice Order Column Chosen 5 Atoms of H \ Atoms of X 6 Therm.Con. 8 Density (in g/mL) 3 Boiling Point 1 Atomic Radius Given a column because they had a list 4 Atomic Mass Given a column because they had a list 7 2...
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