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Expt6_empirical formyla - P ercent Mass Experiment 6...

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Percent Mass Experiment 6 Empirical Formula from Mass Measurements Discussion A. Hydrate salts are salt which include water into the crystal lattice/structure. Usually the number of waters included are in a simple whole number ratio with the salt. The waters of hydration are usually loosely bound to the salt, and these waters can be remove by mild heating. The salt, after the removal of 2 the waters of hydration, is called anhydrous. The generic formula of a salt hydrate is “MX @ nH O”. A few 42 22 examples are NiSO @ 6H O, BaCl @ 2H O, and CuSO @ 5H O. The conversion of hydrate to anhydrous is sometimes be followed by a color change. An example is 2 CoCl @ 6H O (purple-red) which when heated is dehydrated CoCl (blue). 2 Practice: Write the equation for the conversion of CoCl @ 6H O to CoCl . B. Oxides of reactive metals can be formed under mild conditions. The ease of the direct conversion of active metals to metal oxides allows simple experimental procedures to determine the empirical formulas of these oxides. Active metals will react with oxygen very exothermically; the large amounts of heat produced can facilitate the reaction of the active metals with nitrogen in the air. This unwanted side reaction product
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Expt6_empirical formyla - P ercent Mass Experiment 6...

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