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EEL 3111C: Circuits 1 General Advice Master the math, especially the Calculus. Know your calculator’s capabilities and make sure it meets your needs. First month is crucial. Learn the basic material well to have more confidence later. Work on the material regularly. An hour each day is better than 6 hours in a single day. Focus on concepts and definitions. They form the course foundation. Concentrate on learning, not on grades. Good grades will follow automatically. Work in a group and discuss concepts with each other. Avoid making sign errors in application of laws. Such errors are costly. Convert ms, μ V, k Ω , etc; to s, V, Ω , etc; before inserting the values in the formulas. Practice, practice, and more practice is the key to solving problems. Understand the problem and solution approach before you start writing the solution.
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Unformatted text preview: Remember the steps necessary in applying a given method for circuit analysis. Set your goal to get 100% in homework. If you get less than 90%, trouble looms ahead. Before submitting homework, clarify any doubts by talking to a knowledgeable person. Learn to check your answers for correctness. All the laws must be obeyed everywhere. Prepare excellent set of notes and refer to them often. Attend each class. Absence generally implies negligence or reduced priority. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the class, lab, office, or help sessions. Pick up graded work ASAP, go over the mistakes and discuss them with the instructor. Make use of the help available from TA and instructor, by special appointment if needed. Learn the instructors expectations by communicating either in person or by phone....
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