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Formatting a Multi-file Document in MS-Word: How to insert sub-files (such as a references section) after an endnotes section § After the document’s main text (i.e. not after its endnotes section): Insert>Break>Section Break Types>Next Page>OK. § View>Normal: to facilitate the work at hand by getting the endnotes (and endnotes space) out of the way. § [WinWord 2002 and later versions] Insert>Reference>Footnote. Select the radio button ‘Endnotes’ and in its dropdown list>End of section. Numbering >Restart at each section. o MacWord and WinWord up to Word 2000: Insert>Footnote. Select the radio button for ‘Endnotes’.
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Unformatted text preview: Change the setting from ‘End of document’ to ‘End of section’. Click ‘OK’ to exit Options. Click ‘Close’ to save the setting change but not to insert another note. (If you inadvertently insert another note, you can press the delete button to remove it.) § File>Page Setup: click Layout tab and check the box ‘Suppress endotes’. Click ‘Apply to whole document’. § Place the cursor in the section that you want the endotes to follow . File>Page Setup: click Layout tab. Uncheck ‘Suppress endnotes’. Preview: Apply to (dropdown list) ‘This section’. § Good luck!...
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