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Research Methods 1 SYA 6305 Fall 2008 Dr. Richard Tardanico [email protected] Tel: 305/348-2247 Office hours: Thursdays, 4-5pm; or by appointment Course website : Software Stata Version 10: 800-782-8272. Discounted purchase or one-year lease of single-user, perpetual license via FIU/ GradPlan. -10 is installed on computers in the Graduate Seminar Room, Department of Sociology & Anthropology. UCLA website for learning Stata and Grown-ups love figures. When you tell them that that you've made a new friend, they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, "What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies?" Instead, they demand: "How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make?" Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him. - The Little Prince (quoted in Freedman, Pisani & Purves, Statistics, 4e) Entering Hillsville Founded 1802 Altitude 620 Population 3700 Total 6122 - From a drawing by Dana Fradon, The New Yorker Magazine (in Freedman, Pisani & Purves, Statistics, 4e)
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2 What it's about This course provides a graduate-level introduction to applied statistics within the framework of social research and analysis. Its objective is to present basic conceptual and practical tools in social statistics so that - whether or not you intend to pursue a career of doing quantitative studies - you'll be better equipped, first, to critically assess social (and policy) research carried out from a wide array of methodological perspectives; and second, to make sound methodological decisions and wise interpretations in conducting your own research. Throughout the course we'll emphasize the question, "In what ways does using statistics promote or impede insight into meaningful aspects of social relations and public policies?" Books, software, & supplements The required books are: Moore, McCabe, & Craig, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics , 6th ed; Ragin, Constructing Social Research ; and Fischer et al., Inequality by Design: Cracking the Bell Curve . Students are strongly recommended to read portions of Babbie, The Basics of Social Research ; Utts, Seeing through Statistics ; Kohler & Kreuter, Data Analysis Using Stata ; and Hamilton, Statistics with Stata . The earlier editions of Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (along with those of Freedman et aI., Statistics ) are widely praised as having pioneered a new way of teaching and learning statistics: one that minimizes formulas and derivations while stressing conceptual and real-world issues. Among these are the notion that statistics is a means for reaching merely one kind of understanding of the world; the design of samples and experiments; the analysis of real statistical data; the assessment of social, scientific, and policy debates; and the cultivation of sound judgment and humanitarian criteria in assessing and using statistics. This will be our approach.
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sya6305s - Research Methods 1 SYA 6305 Fall 2008 Dr Richard...

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