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Format Stata estout Regression Tables in MS-Word Alternatively, use Excel . § Using MS-Word: 1. Copy/paste the estout-produced regression table from the Stata results window to MS-word. 2. Edit the variable names. 3. Tab the coefficients, standard errors, N, etc., so that you can make sense of what goes with what (without regard for proper spacing). 4. Select the model headings: Format Tabs>set spacing and select ‘center’ tabs. 5. Select the rest of the table: Format Tabs>set spacing and select ‘decimal’ tabs. 6. Insert a double line below the table’s title content: Select the title content as a paragraph>Format>Borders and
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Unformatted text preview: Shading>Setting: None>Style: select double-line>Apply: to paragraph 7. Insert a single line below the table area containing the coefficients and above the area containing N, etc.: Select the area containing the coefficients as a paragraph>Format>Borders and Shading>Setting: None>Style: select single-line>Apply to paragraph 8. Copy/paste from the Stata results window or type a Notes section. 9. Copy/paste from the Stata results window the significance symbol, and if relevant add the following: (two-tailed tests) 10.Type additional footnotes....
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