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1 Assignment 11. Census: Downloading and Formatting Adapted from ; and Peters and MacDonald, Unlocking the Census with GIS (pages 53-74). The following illustrates steps involving both and . The advantage of downloading from Geography Network is ease. The advantage of downloading from the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder is that it has direct online access to a wide array of detailed data as well as web links to city, county, metropolitan, and state data libraries (see Peters and MacDonald, pages 60- 61). Alternatively, you may want to go directly to online state data libraries (e.g.: Louisiana.Gov> Louisiana Demographics: Census Data). Web sites such as ‘Greater New Orleans Community Data Center’ (which is geared to helping non-profit organizations) may also be useful. Here are two excellent overviews—the first one concise, the second one detailed—of the varieties and sources of U.S. Census data: Pop-up Blockers Pop-up blockers pose problems for the U.S. Census’s American FactFinder , which is an essential source for obtaining U.S. Census data. Without disabling the pop-up blocker in Microsoft XP (and perhaps in other such software), you may be able to download only a portion of a data set. See the recommended procedures in ‘American FactFinder – Using Windows XP, Service Pack 2.’ The suggested Internet Explorer settings are: Select Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Downloads > Enable automatic prompting for file downloads. Checking for Data Errors Always check for possible data errors, no matter what the source. Check errata (e.g., U.S. Census errata) when they are available. And, e.g., check to make sure that “race” and gender categories add up to POP2000, and that housing tenure categories add up to HSE_UNITS.
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2 Useful Commerical Census-Download Software ‘SF3toTable’ ( ). See Peters and MacDonald, Unlocking the Census with GIS , pages 61 and 64 (Box 2.7). I: Block Group Example Block Groups: Step 1 – Block Group Boundaries Shapefile 1. 2. Scroll down to ‘Featured Content’ - ‘Data’. Click ‘Census TIGER/Line 2000’. 3. Click ‘Tiger/Line Files, Redistricting Census 2000’. 4. Click ‘Preview and Download/. 5. State: choose Louisiana. Click ‘Submit Selection’. 6. Select a Layer: choose Block Groups 2000. Click ‘Submit Selection’. 7. Available County: choose Orleans 8. Scroll to bottom. Click ‘Proceed to Download.’ 9. Click ‘Download File’ and save. 10. Unzip the data, and unzip whatever else remains.
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assign11 - Assignment 11 Census Downloading and Formatting...

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