hurricane - Hurricane Ivan-Orleans Parish Evacuation...

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1 Hurricane Ivan-Orleans Parish Evacuation Assignment: Create datasets to analyze in Statistical Programs, GeoDa, & GWR, & to map in ArcMap Part I: Create Datasets We will end up with the following data sets to analyze: orleans_esvy , orleans_nv , and orleans_esvynv . 1. In ArcCatalog, copy the following files: tgr22071trt00 (renaming it orleans_bg [block group]); tgr220sf1trt (renaming it orleans_csvy [census survey]); and SurveyData.shp (renaming it IvanEvacSvy ). 2. In ArcMap: set to save relative path names. a. For now, add IvanEvacSvy first and use its coordinate system (which is for the entire Gulf region). At some point in analyzing the Orleans Parish data we’ll need to define projected coordinates for Orleans Parish. 3. In ArcMap, add data: IvanEvacSvy; orleans_bg; and orleans_csvy. 4. Using IvanEvacSvy: a. Select by location: IvanEvacSvy that intersects with orleans_bg. b. Inspect the attribute table. c. Export and save as orleans_esvy (evacuation survey). d. Inspect the attribute table. e. Document how this datset was created in Layer Properties> General>Description. f. Selection>Clear Selected Features. 5. Using orleans_csvy: a. Create the following fields: i. (field: long integer; precision=6): POP (POP2000); HH (households); FAM (families); HUNITS (housing units); ASIAN; BLACK; HISP; WHITE; AGE5 (age under 5); AGE65 (age 65+);
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hurricane - Hurricane Ivan-Orleans Parish Evacuation...

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