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Map Criteria References: Ormsby et al., chapter 19; Harvard School of Design, “Elements of Cartographic Style” ( ); ESRI, The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis , vol. 1; Brewer, “Cartographic Design Using ArcGIS 9” (ESRI online course). In general: § Map’s subject? (e.g., general reference or thematic; focus on one purpose/theme per map) § Audience and purpose? (more/less sophisticated audience; your principal purpose for presenting the map to the audience) § Geographic context? (location in relation to local and wider geographic networks, features, landmarks, and locations) o Sans serif fonts are conventionally used to label “human features,” serif fonts to label natural features. § Size, scale, & media? § Design focus? E.g., cool colors (blues, greens, & light gray) for background, warm colors (red, yellow, & black) to capture attention. o
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