HW4 - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 HW 4 ENGR13100 - Homework #4...

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ENGR 13100 – Fall 2010 HW 4 ENGR13100 - Homework #4 Answer Sheet Name: Hwa Jong(Rich) Lee Section No. 015 Team No. 10 Date: 9/21/10 Problem 1 - Individual School of Civil Engineering Q# Response a The purpose of the Hoover Dam is to control the river's periodic flooding and provide a reliable water source to California, Nevada and Arizona. It can also provide hydroelectricity that offers power to millions of people around the area. b The current bridge is always packed with traffic because the Hoover Dam is such a big tourist attraction and the bridge is not wide enough to ease up the traffic. c The goal of the new Bypass Bridge is to reduce traffic and accident rates from the current bridge they have now and will be a new tourist attraction by making it able to walk across the bridge for people and great design. d When building the concrete arch, many cables are connected so that the arch won’t collapse and stay firm until it has its arch shape. The cables support the arch and then they are removed when the base is done. “Cable-supporting mechanism.” e Other types of bridges such as beam type or suspension type bridge won’t work in this case because there is a huge gap between the two cliffs and to make columns long enough for that, it will be very fragile and will easily break or move when water flows in from the dam. Therefore, the arch shaped bridge will work because it is not even touching the water a bit. f The traffic coming from the interstate will flow a lot smoother and quicker due to the bridge because unlike the previous road going across Nevada and Arizona, which is a steep, windy, two-lane road, the bridge is a four-lane road and connects straight through the two states so its time consuming. Also, there are sidewalks for people to walk over the bridge so that they don’t have to walk all the way around so it will be a lot quicker. g Because it is such a huge arch with little support from the sides, the bridge could get weaker as time goes on. Also, the bridge should not be jammed with cars because the bridge’s capacity will be pretty low, lower than normal bridges. h It is such a high bridge; it could affect flying animals from flying higher or lower than usual. Also, it will produce a lot of dust and toxic wastes while manufacturing the bridge and all the waste will fall below to the river which affects fish and sea creatures. i
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HW4 - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 HW 4 ENGR13100 - Homework #4...

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