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Alex Cho ENGR 13100 Team #24 Section #09 Hybrid-Diesel Bus and CNG Transit Bus The purpose of this report is to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of both the Hybrid-Diesel Bus and CNG Transit Bus, and comment with a conclusion from which of the bus would contribute the company the most. The variables that should be considered are the Fuel efficiency, Cost, Gas Emission, and Safety Buses. List of information: 1. Cost: Looking at the price for Hybrid-Diesel and Compressed Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas has a more benefit towards the company, in which is 200,000 dollars cheaper than Hybrid-Diesel buses. Hybrid-Diesel buses cost around 500,000 dollars (“Clean Alternate Fuels”, 2002) and Compressed Natural Gas costs around 300,000 dollars (“Hybrid Transit Bus”, 2007) 2. Fuel Efficiency: Hybrid-Diesel is more efficient than Compressed Natural Gas transit buses. According to the Green Car Congress link, Hybrid-Diesel after 15 years
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engr13100_hw05_answht_f10_section09_choa - Alex Cho ENGR...

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