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MEA Draft 1 - To Olie Fiji From Team 10 Re Student Travel...

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To: Olie Fiji From: Team 10 Re: Student Travel Mode Choice Date: 10/05/10 To accustom for a future increase in student population, the UCF Board of Trustees will need a model that will allow a general prediction of what type of travel different students will utilize. The model should not disrupt the flow of traffic and also have evidence using information given from the survey. Still, it should be general enough to work accurately for non-surveyed students when given additional information. Also, within the procedure, it should consider the fact that not all students will have the option of taking the UCFS. In addition, the two transit systems have different advantages for students, but the LYNX charges them. To begin the process of predicting student actions, you should first: *Examine the data and note which students take which method. *Then, compare their methods and how long they take in comparison to walking. With this information you are able to determine how far away the students live from their classes. For
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