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Executive summary - Executive summary In a modern society...

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Executive summary In a modern society, if one wants to mobilize efficiently, he or she will have to pay the price for what is needed. Gas and electricity fuels today’s society, so therefore, emissions are generally involved. The main purpose of our new transportation system is to lower emissions to increase eeffective transportation and efficiency on Purdue’s campus. It is the engineer’s goal to create a system that is as close to an ideal transportation system (fast, cheap, eco-friendly, good accessibility, etc.) as possible while considering the three ideas of innovation; desirability, viability, and feasibility. It meets Purdue’s goal of addressing an efficient and economical system that considers the users’ budget while maintain the highest level of efficiency. Through our concept generations and reductions we have compiled a list of solutions that effectively address the problems that Purdue’s transportation system is facing. The main aspect of our plan to revitalize the current
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