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Milestone 2 - The Commuter sysetem of 2020 has many...

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The Commuter sysetem of 2020 has many stakeholders as well as many needs. The main stakeholder is of course, the client, Purdue University. Another major stakeholder would be City Bus. The new transportation system, as well as the City Bus company, will play important roles in defining Purdue in the future. The client needs students to stop bringing their cars to campus, have students use public transportation, have the traffic through and around Purdue flow more easily, and to integrate the undergraduate and research areas of Purdue. Servicing Purdue is one of their biggest sources of money income. If the routes were done improperly they could stand to lose a large sum of money. In addition, The Lafayette and West Lafayette communities will be impacted by this project, making them stakeholders as well. They will live with the effects of the system for a long time. Purdue University students and staff are also stakeholders in this project. The new transportation system affects them the most since they will be the ones
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