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Michelle Graph - things that Michelle enjoys Michelle needs...

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Michelle Graph Age 5 Kindergarten Michelle is outgoing and active when at home. She has strong opinions and is very talkative with her parents. At school, however Michelle is very reserved and silent. She prefers to keep to herself, and the presence of other children makes her uncomfortable. Michelle has a routine of walking around in the classroom disturbing her classmates. During school she still displays her strong views and it is challenging to get Michelle engaged in her schoolwork. When Michelle does part takes in her school work she is very creative. In an involved state she retains what is being taught both at school and home. Regardless of Michelle’s disinterest in what is being taught. Michelle likes role playing, and while at home she wears her dress up cloths displaying a princess and at school she portrays to be someone else. Michelle loves sports in a whole and soccer specifically are
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Unformatted text preview: things that Michelle enjoys. Michelle needs to be more involved. She has issues following the rules, and needs to be shown numerous examples of suitable behaviors. Poor relationships with peers at a young age, persistent and does not communicate well. Inadequate interests, and displays inadequate behaviors every day. Michelle has social disability, issues relating to communication skills, and common repetitive activity. Her every day conversation is impaired, and has difficulty with understanding and utilizing descriptive language. Planning a curriculum for Michelle, that will consist of unraveling problems that focuses on grades, speech and associations with peers. Provide easy instructions that are understandable. Useful educational activities. Group reading and video’s to help facilitate teaching....
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