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GEN105 checkpointweek2 - searched Furthermore when needing...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: ONLINE RESEARCH 1 Checkpoint: Online research Kelli Lorenc GEN/105 November 17 2010 Beth Hoftiezer
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CHECKPOINT: ONLINE RESEARCH 2 Checkpoint: Online research Conducting research online different from conducting research in a traditional library because you’re doing a lot of work on your own, in a traditional library your able to walk up to a librarian and ask for help in finding the information or where it might be located. When conducting research online you have to be extremely cautious on how you search for information and that you know the proper database to looking. With online research you have the option to contact the librarian; however it could take 24 hours for a response so this could make it a little more difficult to look for the information. My personal approach for conducting research will be that I use specific words like “and/or” between words I want
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Unformatted text preview: searched. Furthermore, when needing to find information on a specific category I can search that specific category like typing in the keywords bar (Microsoft financials) and in the subject drop down box I can pick business and it will bring up specific articles. I can also choose to search only encyclopedias, articles, and or magazines I can also choose to pick scholarly journals, include peer-reviewed. By choosing specifics I can dwindle down my searches for example if I search “race” I pull up 38946 documents but it I change the database to Accounting-Accounting & Tax I bring it down to 260 just by enhancing my search I have cut the documents I CHECKPOINT: ONLINE RESEARCH 3 would need to go thru by 38686 to find the information I am looking for. Just by adding a few extra things I can properly search and find all information I may need in the future....
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GEN105 checkpointweek2 - searched Furthermore when needing...

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