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5 Cell Cycle 1 Study Guide Answers

5 Cell Cycle 1 Study Guide Answers - BS 111(Kopachik Cell...

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BS 111 (Kopachik) Cell Cycle I 1. What occurs during interphase? What occurs during mitosis? What occurs during cytokinesis? During interphase the phases G 1 , S and G 2 occur in which the cell grows continuously to double the cell mass and the DNA is completely replicated once. During mitosis the nucleus and its main contents, the DNA is segregated precisely into the two nuclei. During cytokinesis the daughter cells pinch apart at the cleavage furrow to form two separate daughter cells. There are checkpoints: one late in G 1 to assess cell size, nutrient availability and one in G 2 to assess whether chromosomes have been replicated and one in M to assess whether the chromosomes are on the spindle. 2. What are three ways physiological cell signals affect the cell cycle? Cells must know that there are enough available nutrients, if growth factor signals are present (and if necessary proper adhesive attachments) as well as undamaged but doubled amounts of nuclear DNA. More generally the cell must know that its mass has doubled. 3. Describe the log phase of the growth curve (how is it named log phase, how is it recognized, what occurs during this period). When cells are placed in a nutrient solution capable of supporting growth they initially don’t increase in number (lag phase) but then enter a time when their number is continually increasing exponentially by a doubling each division (2 to 4 to 8 to 16 etc) so that it the cell number is plotted on a semi-log paper there will be a straight line.
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